Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some Footage & Photos of Antifa Protesters at the 2008 American Renaissance Conference

Below is a ten minute video shot by Antifa protesters attempting to disrupte the 2008 American Renaissance conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Herndon, Virginia, Saturday February, 23, 2008. There are quite a few familiar faces here, as well as some unknown ones, along with a rather mindless rant from aging and extremely overweight Daryle Lamont Jenkins, founder and the on person over at One Peoples Project.

The majority of these particular Antifa members (amongst other organizations) that are seen in this video and the photographs below all appear to be from the Washington D.C area. Perhaps you may know a few of them? Perhaps your should drop us a line:

The guy second in from the far right is named Bob and he seems to enjoy group setting a bit more then he probably should as you'll soon see. He's been spotted at numerous Antifa protest, everywhere from the Virgina and Washington D.C area to Harrisburg and Philadelphia, PA.

Bob, photographed above in 2007 during an Anti Immigration Rally in Harrisburg, PA. Bob is an avid poster on the One Peoples Project forum and he goes by the name ARAcismDC on there. In response to a thread on there started by FloydCochran posting as Eye On Hate, Bob had this to say:

"Go after people like Keith Carney of the KSS and Steve Smith of MDS, those skins are the problem and need to be killed and I have no compassion for them whatsoever, sure they might have some humanity in them but some times you just have to follow your leader and blast your brains out!"

Bob is seen here ( front row-2nd in from the right circled in red) taking part in a confrontation with Police officers as part of "SDS/Black Bloc/Shield Bloc Actions" during a 3/17/07 anti-war march sponsored by International ANSWER.

The sign says it all...

Bob pictured above in the red circle. We told you he liked group settings...

Ha Ha Ha - ANTIFA!!!


Ofensiva Juvenil said...

counterstrike is the only way to get back to this antifa fuckheads, it's sickening how these shitheads get along with their troublemaking actions, recently comrades have been getting jumped by antifas and they've fought antifas' back and now our comrades have to face justice because they fought the shitheads, antifas are free while the innocent have to face justice, it's unfair, we need to fight antifa by all means, trash'em, kill'em, they are giving our fight many more reasons to continue the struggle and unite against these twats.

dylan said...

his name isn't even bob
your website, and movements, are jokes

NORNC said...

his name isn't even bob
your website, and movement is a joke