Friday, July 3, 2009

Spanish Patriot Imprisoned for Defending Himself Against Antifa Mob

The case of Spanish Patriot Josue is not unusual in the sense that government & judicial agencies in step with the media, and Antifa, have once again used the target of an attack by Anti-fascists as a scapegoat for the clearly defined and intended actions of Antifa: to disrupt, injure or kill anyone them deem fascist. Here in America and abroad the case has remained very much the same when assaults are carried out by anti-racist/anti-fascist groups against their intended targets:

When consequences occur, Antifa immediately blames those responsible for holding them accountable for their own actions. The police become tools of the "racist/fascist" police state for holding them to the rule of law and denying them special privileges; i.e condoning their actions based upon their targets political affiliations. And when these intended targets strike back in self defense, Antifa immediately reverts to victim status, claiming to be yet another victim of racist/fascist violence and calls for immediate action which is generally echoed by the Media and various government/judicial agencies.

At the moment we are not aware of the current status regarding this incident and would appreciate any updates that are available. The following report is a Spanish to English translation taken directly from the Freedom for Josue blogspot:

On November the 11th 2007 a despicable extreme left-wing crowd entered the Legazpi tube station platform, in Madrid. They had clear intentions: to assault everyone suspicious of being “Spanish patriots” since at the same time, not far from there, it was held a meeting organized by a nationalist Spanish party allowed and legalized by the Government Sub-delegate’s Office. The members of the extreme left-wing and antifascist group only had in mind to storm the said meeting and attack the more people the better. Those were their intentions.
While this crowd took up the tube platforms heading to start violent riots, into one of the coaches it was Josue, a young man whose look could be taken as a provocation by the violent extreme left-wingers. Josue noticed immediately the serious risk for his life (a platform full of extreme left-wingers and antifascists looking for a victim). He was alone and outside the coach there were more than 50 people. He resolved to protect his life.

The doors opened and the coach was getting full of this despicable crowd. These misfits immediately detected Josue and were ready to attack and lynch him (in a tube CCTV video widespread by mass media you can see, on second 39, one of the extreme left-wingers located in front of the door drawing a brass knuckle; the rest were just laughing and looking daggers at him due to his look). Josue, in spite of he was ready to protect his life, tried to leave the place when all the extreme left-wing group got into the coach. But one of them, Carlos Javier Palomino, blocked the exit door with his arm and started to ask about Josue’s clothes.

Many of us know what’s happen next; many people know they’re not going to discuss about the International Socialism virtues or the nationalization of the banks. No. Many of us know the next step is a huge beating, a brass knuckle beating your jaw or your ribs and even a stab. That’s the truth. And Josue resolved he was not going to let them lead him to the hospital and go into a coma; Josue decided he was not going to be another victim, just like Eduardo Garcia Gelber, killed some years ago in Barcelona by an extreme left-wing group under similar circumstances. No, Josue resolved to protect his life.

It doesn’t matter if Josue was into a certain kind of ideology or not. If he liked football or bullfighting. Josue was quietly travelling by tube, ALONE. And he was harassed by 50 enraged antifascists who had only one motivation that morning: to face “fascism” violently.
Please, spread the truth of this case. Don’t let the information manipulation, the mass media trial Josue is facing and the hypocrisy displayed by Madrid extreme left-wing has no coverage among your acquaintances (relatives, friends, workmates…). They are playing with the life of a man who simply did what a good person would have done in his place: DEFEND HIS LIFE.

You can send your letters to:
Josue Estebanez of Daughter
Centro penitenciario de Madrid II. Madrid II prison.
Módulo 2 Module 2
Carretera Alcalá-Meco, Km. 5 Carretera Alcala-Meco, Km 5
CP 28870 Alcalá de Henares. CP 28870 Alcalá de Henares. Madrid Madrid

For any questions relating to the case contact

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Below is actual surveillance footage taken during the incident:


Daniel said...

Josue is a murder, he wasn't defendinf himself against nobody, he start hitting, if later he was atacked is diferent.
He is now on jail and is justice, he is in jail becouse he do a crime and he ned it.

Anonymous said...

A mob against one? I would have done the same thing-
Free Josué!!!!

Anonymous said...

O.K. Daniel. Let's believe that it's a perfect world, and that fascists are the only people capable of violence.

If that were the case Eduardo Gelber would still be alive. But he's not; and the world isn't make believe neither.

If you are naive enough to believe they'd have had a nice chat about how different they are; I'm afraid you shouldn't even step outside your door. You may not be able to handle it.

Anonymous said...

Daniel are you that naive to believe they were going to just have a chat? If that were the case, Eduardo Gelber would still be alive.

They confronted him, and he was out numbered. He resorted to saving his life.

Many nationalists and neo-fascists have been in this position and haven't walked away. I applaud his courage.