Friday, November 27, 2009

Philly ARA Shut Down 2010 East Coast Oi! Fest?

Despite any conformation from Antifa the word going around on the streets at the moment is that members of the Philadelphia ARA are responsible for the Starlight Ballroom backing out of hosting next years East Coast Oi! Fest. And given the ARA's history of interfering with shows and bands they deem unacceptable, this doesn't sound too far fetched.

The Philadelphia ARA crossed a line in similar fashion earlier this year when they tried to police the hardcore scene by threatening the First Unitarian Church and R5 Productions because of their unwillingness to cancel a reunion show by the controversial hardcore band One Life Crew, something we'll eventually get around to writing about.

But aside from a bit of speculation and a few rumors about East Coast Oi! Fest, the only thing confirming any of this is a brief statement released by the shows promoter, Craig Downtown:


I'm going to keep this simple and to the point. At least I will try.

The ECOF 2010 has been cancelled. You can thank the folks who called the club with "scare" tactics....You know who you are......the club has pulled the plug on the show. I refuse to play games with these assholes...Not going to bother looking for another venue.....More trouble than it's worth....Someone is trying to sabatoge the show...I don't have the money to gamble on whether or not the show will be shut down after paying all the expenses that are involved...Thanks to all of you for your interest in attending and all the bands playing.....All the best to you....

It's been fun.
Cheers Craig

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