Sunday, November 23, 2008

Philly Antifa CONFRONTED & KICKED OUT of South Philly

Local Antifa photographed in South Philly a few months back with Tom Keenan on the far left (who we could be confusing with Ziggy, lead singer of PA based hardcore band Barricade) several unknown members in the center, a person believed to be named "Andy" second from the right with red sleeves, and possibly Jared Schultz's girlfriend Cindi on the far right.

On Saturday November 22nd members of the Philly/NJ Anti-Racist Action thought they would take advantage of the cold weather to litter a South Philadelphia neighborhood with their sensationalist fliers. Unfortunately for them, the neighborhood locals were not hiding indoors from the cold as they had anticipated. Their intended target, Doug Caffarella, who is not a Keystone State Skinhead as they claim, has approached them several times in the past outside of court hearings but he unfortunately missed out on the action yesterday.

Tom Keenan, pictured below, a Northern NJ resident and member of the "Love Park 4" who is currently awaiting trial for smashing out the windows of a vehicle belonging to a Philadelphia police officer was amongst those confronted by South Philly locals. According to local sources he was also confronted at a local Hardcore show in Philadelphia a few months back.

Tom Keenan is pictured above, harassing an older woman attending a lecture by the controversial British Historian David Irving in New York City.

The neighbors of South Philadelphia did not take kindly to these outsiders coming to their neighborhood and plastering it with fliers defaming one of their own. Several neighbors confronted them demanding that they stop their activities, telling them that they know Caffarella and did not care about the biased information they were promoting.

ARA gave their standard response to this accusing the neighbors of being Nazis, which didn't exactly help their cause in the neighborhood. Several times through out the day a number of people confronted them, tearing down their fliers and telling them to move along.

According to a recent post on the One Peoples Project and the Philly Indy Media site, Antifa had this to say about their failed outing:
"While fliering, anti-fascists were confronted by several people who knew Caffarella. A person who claimed to his childhood friend said "He can't be a Nazi - he has "*A* black friend," going on to say that people in the neighborhood don't care about Caffarella's white power tattoos and shaved head. He and another friend of Caffarella's attempted to take down all the fliers posted; fortunately, in the busiest areas we glued the fliers so good luck with that! "

"Caffarella's brother-in-law was also seen tearing down fliers and was so enraged when he saw the neighborhood blanketed with Doug's face he confronted the ARA members, threatening to kill them if they came back to the 1400 block of Porter Street. "If you guys come back, someone's
going to get shot. I'll blaze you. I've got six shots for you."

"As has been the case in past outings, flyers were posted everywhere, and handed out to folks on the street. There was a confrontation and a few threats flung their way, but we think everyone got the point."

According to a few local sources, threats apparently weren't the only things flung their way....

ARA quickly walked away from them, on one occasion trying to snap a cellphone picture from a distance of one of the neighbors who approached them. In a matter of hours, all of the fliers were removed, including the ones that were glued to surfaces throughout the neighborhood. ARA learned quickly yesterday that they cant just march into a peaceful working class neighborhood with their hateful Marxist agenda and not be met with resistance by the people who live there.

To check out the original posts by Antifa regarding this incident click on the links below:

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