Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pittsburgh Antifa Disrupts & Assaults Anti-Abortion Group

The following is a first hand account given directly by a member of Pittsburgh Anti Racist Action, I'm sure more of this will come to light once they get around to boasting about it. It does sound a bit familiar though; Antifa gathering to oppose a protest they had just heard about, which just so happens to end with Antifa smashing up the protesters vehicles and busting out their windows. Maybe it's because Jared Schultz, Tom Keenan and Jason Robbins (Love Park 4) are all on trial in Philadelphia, PA for doing the exact same thing back in 2007, except they did it to a police officer. It's also worth noting that Jason Robbins did some jail time for an assault on a Phoenixville police officer back in 2005.

Really, there's not much that needs to be said on our part other
then actions speak louder then words so were just gonna sit back and let them do the talking..... No one's buying into the upstanding citizen bit these days.

Knives, Spray Paint, Pipes, Bolt Cutters, Fire Extinguishers and a horrible banner; was there a yard sale or did these kids just raid their dads garage to pose for this one?
Earlier today Pittsburgh antifascists received word that a group of anti-choice demonstrators were assembled in our neighborhood with their disgusting blown up signs depicting what they claim are aborted fetuses. Roughly 15 antifascists quickly converged on the area to try and shut their demonstration down. People brought banners to obscure their signs, used cameras to take close-up shots of anti-choicers faces, and tried to drown out their message. After a half hour of this, the anti-choicers decided it was time to go. We followed them to their van and proceeded to surround them and yell pro-choice slogans at them. Part of the group followed them to their cars in the parking lot across the street where their vehicles were pounded on, dented, and had their window(s) broken.

We all know that the christian anti-choicers will always show up no matter how much they are persecuted because of their belief in an omnipotent boogeyman who gives them false moral strength. It was this author's hope that by attacking these people and trying to intimidate them we could at least make them think twice before coming back to this neighborhood in the East End of Pittsburgh.


Concerned citizen said...

Funny that they claim how the "Nazis" and so-called "Right-wingers" are the ones who always resort to violence when these clowns are always seeing the inside of a court room and bragging about such presented actions.

Anonymous said...

Who claims that you fucks are the only ones who use violence? Hell, most of the time its you fucks getting your asses kicked in the streets.


End Racism/Fascism said...

always stay anti-fascist. Violence is only neccessary to end right wing oppression that brainless cunts like the two above me flaunt. America is hated by Europe because of things like the AAF, the KKK, and other racist organisations. Antifa isn't something to be afraid/mad it, it's something to help rid the world of people like Hitler. Always stay anti-fascist, no surrender to any of you.

Fascist pigs, racist cunts, prepare to die.

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Anonymous said...

antifa are nazi fucks.