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Philadelphia's "Love Park 4" Begging for Help....

On July 23, 2007 members of the Philadelphia "Anti-Racist Action" along with Federal and local Law Enforcement officers found themselves entangled in a rather interesting situation unfolding right in the middle of Philadelphia's famed love park. Under the suspicion that a mysterious KKK rally was afoot and scheduled to take place in Love Park that afternoon, both groups found themselves crossing paths in a not so brotherly way.

Tom Keenan, Jason Robbins and Jarad Schultz along with known associate and member of the Progressive Labor Party, James McGovern, were arrested after smashing out the windows of a black Ford explorer they believed to be the vehicle of two alleged Ku Klux Klan members. After witnessing two undercover Philadelphia Police officers enter the vehicle, whom, according to court testimony by Lt. John McConnell of the District Attorney's Narcotics Division, were assigned to monitor the events attendance as part of an on going investigation into the Keystone State Skinheads, the four "activists" encircled the vehicle and began kicking it and smashed out one of it's windows in typical Antifa fashion. (Click here for related news article)

Unfortunately for these laughable self proclaimed militants now claiming they were targeted by the police and somehow entrapped into attacking an automobile, the vehicle was also occupied by Police Detective Sean Brennan and FBI Special Agent Stephen Powell who had
been monitoring the situation from a distance and retrieved the undercover officers after members of the ARA had confronted them in the park and followed them as they attempted to flee the scene.
Jason Robbins (R) with his girlfriend (L)

Jared Schultz (L) Tom Kennan (R)

Now, aside from the typical retreat
Antifa makes away from their "militant anti-fascist" fantasy bit right into their phony mild manor, victimized "activist" routine whenever they're held accountable for their actions; what really makes this case worth noting is how it all started.

On one hand we have the Police & FBI giving conflicting accounts about the actual origins of this rally, only agreeing on one thing: their presence there being the direct result of orders handed down to record anyone from the Keystone State Skinheads in attendance. And then on the other hand we have the ARA out chasing their own shadows and attacking parked cars based on some rumor about a KKK rally. But the question is, how did the FBI and the ARA end up with the same exact information when the police can't come up with a viable answer and the ARA hasn't said a word about this....

Sounds like their both on a wild goose chase.

Love Park 4 Update: Court and Financial Assistance Needed
(Taken from: )

The Love Park 4 case is still slowly winding its way through the court system after almost 2 years. Since the defendants' successful court date in December, the State has decided to appeal the judge's order to reveal the identity of the undercover narcotics officers posing as neo-Nazis in Love Park on July 23, 2007.

On Tuesday May 12th, Judge Frank Palumbo will hear the State's appeal. It has taken four court appearances since December to get to this point, but defense attorneys Paul Hetznecker and Larry Krasner will finally have the opportunity to show Judge Palumbo exactly why Judge Marsha Neifield found in favor of the Love Park 4 defendants; and why her decision should stand. The Love Park 4 defendants and their lawyers are confident that the State's appeal will be defeated; and that the case will finally be scheduled for trial.

The Love Park 4 Defense Committee and Anti-Racist Action are encouraging friends, family, and fellow activists to pack the courtroom on May 12th to show their support and solidarity for the defendants. This will be a good opportunity to show the State and the judge that Jason, Jared and Tom have a large amount of support; and to send a clear message that State-sponsored harassment of political activists will not go unchallenged.

While they appreciate courtroom solidarity, Jason, Tom and Jared want to stress that they understand that with work and school, it is hard to get a day off and have expressed that they would prefer the largest turnout at their actual trial date. So for those people who can't get that many days off, please save your time off for future court dates. If you don't have work or school on Tuesday - or can easily take off -
please come to court to support these dedicated anti-fascist activists.

Aside from attending this court date, there are other ways you can help. Because of the State's decision to appeal, additional costs have been incurred. Defense lawyers have had to pay for the court transcripts from December's motion hearing so that they could
successfully prepare for the upcoming appeal hearing. The copy of the transcript cost $375, which Jason, Jared and Tom need to repay to their lawyers. Thanks to the solidarity shown by Anti-Racist Action and Hit the Bricks Distro, $165 has already been raised, leaving the defendants in need of $210. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated and very helpful. Please contact us for information on how
to donate.

For those people who can come to court on May 12th, the hearing is scheduled to start at 9:00AM at the Criminal Justice Center, 1301 Filbert Street, Philadelphia - Room 504.

We are asking that everyone who comes to court please dress in an appropriate manner, and behave professionally. Coming to court will help show the judge and district attorney just how much support the Love Park 4 has - but anything negative will only hurt their case. Please keep that in mind when you are planning to attend.

In Solidarity with ALL Political Prisoners,
The Love Park 4 Defense Committee

Background on the Love Park 4

On July 23rd 2007, four Philadelphia-area anti-racist activists were
arrested on multiple trumped up charges stemming from a
counter-demonstration against a Ku Klux Klan rally that was scheduled
to take place in Center City that morning.

Two men wearing neo-Nazi t-shirts were verbally confronted by
anti-racists and forced to leave. The men then boarded a waiting SUV,
at which time another verbal confrontation ensued, at the end of which
one of the SUV's windows was damaged. Police personnel waited until
this point to break their cover and identify themselves - the driver
of the SUV was a Philadelphia Police Detective attached to an FBI
Joint Terrorism Task Force while the passenger and owner of the
vehicle was an FBI special agent.


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