Friday, November 27, 2009

Members of Chicago Antifa Arrested at Irving Event

Between 8-5 members from various Antifa chapters were arrested in Chicago Illinois after disrupting a November 24th lecture by the British Historian David Irving. The event, which was booked at the Edelweiss restaurant, was interrupted before it even began. While the guests present for the event were in the midst of ordering their meals a group of mask clad anarchist/anti-fascist entered the restaurant quickly causing a disturbance. During the melee members of Antifa attacked the restaurant staff along with a number of guests and tables with cans of paint.

According to a first hand account posted on Irvings online diary, Antifa was met with stiff resistance by the attendees who defended themselves with chairs and beer mugs, including an individual who blocked the restaurants exit and ripped a mask from the face of one of the attackers.

Antifa is currently encouraging people to threaten the Edelweiss restaurant if they assist in the legal case against those arrested:

From an email: "David irving was disrupted and shut down tonight (Nov. 24) in chicago at Edelweiss restaurant at 7650 w Irving park road. A few people were arrested shortly after. We ask anyone willing to help out to call Edelweiss at 1708 452-6040 and let them know that their involvement in the case of the arrestees will only lead to exposing them for what they are; Nazi sympathizers!"
-Taken from the One Peoples Project website
Information is still coming in on the identities of the anti-fascists who were arrested, if you have any information on them feel free to pass it along. So far this is all we've got:

*The license plate of one car used by Antifa: Illinois plate G189 059.
*One of the attackers was carrying a Colorado ID.

On another note, the following phone number belongs to a certain individual from Boston, MA who left the following message on David Irving's voice mail:
"We're not going away. You will not survive."
(857) 204-3909

Irving's account taken from his "Radical's Diary"

Philly ARA Shut Down 2010 East Coast Oi! Fest?

Despite any conformation from Antifa the word going around on the streets at the moment is that members of the Philadelphia ARA are responsible for the Starlight Ballroom backing out of hosting next years East Coast Oi! Fest. And given the ARA's history of interfering with shows and bands they deem unacceptable, this doesn't sound too far fetched.

The Philadelphia ARA crossed a line in similar fashion earlier this year when they tried to police the hardcore scene by threatening the First Unitarian Church and R5 Productions because of their unwillingness to cancel a reunion show by the controversial hardcore band One Life Crew, something we'll eventually get around to writing about.

But aside from a bit of speculation and a few rumors about East Coast Oi! Fest, the only thing confirming any of this is a brief statement released by the shows promoter, Craig Downtown:


I'm going to keep this simple and to the point. At least I will try.

The ECOF 2010 has been cancelled. You can thank the folks who called the club with "scare" tactics....You know who you are......the club has pulled the plug on the show. I refuse to play games with these assholes...Not going to bother looking for another venue.....More trouble than it's worth....Someone is trying to sabatoge the show...I don't have the money to gamble on whether or not the show will be shut down after paying all the expenses that are involved...Thanks to all of you for your interest in attending and all the bands playing.....All the best to you....

It's been fun.
Cheers Craig

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Antifa's NJ/NYC Attacks on David Irving

When we first heard that David Irving was going to be passing through the North East on his latest speaking tour we knew it was going to involve some serious theatrics from the local Antifa crowd.

And sure enough, the usual suspects wasted no time in going through the motions and calling for direct action against the controversial WW2 historian. For those of you not familiar with David Irving, he is a British Historian best known for his books challenging the accepted views on a number of emotionally charged subjects that range from the Third Reich & Adolf Hitler to the Jewish Holocaust and the bombing of Japan and Dresden.

His work and open association with various Nationalist groups over the years has earned him a reputation for being a "nazi sympathizer" and a "Holocaust Denier". Neither of which we have any interest discussing here, despite the fact that his work has often been taken out of context for propaganda purposes which are necessary to justify the violent actions of Antifa and the oppressive measures taken by various European Governments.

Now, we all know that Antifa is not interested in stepping up to the plate for any type of debate despite their claims about Irving's security measures being set in place to keep people away that could possibly challenge his arguments.

Debate can only be had when you have those you are debating in the same room with you, which you tried so hard to avoid and always do. (One Peoples Project)

Antifa does this for two reason:
1.) They rely heavily on misinformation and Anti-Fascist ("radical" Leftist) dogma & rhetoric which more often than not doesn't hold up well next to the person or event in question.

2.) Because they uphold a universally employed policy of censorship known as "No Platform for Fascist". A view that all ideological opponents should be silenced and prohibited from expressing their ideas in public or in private.

The later of the two is something that can only be maintained with the assistance of the state or through a series of threats, violence and harassment carried out by Anti-fascists, which explains their actions along with the security measures employed by David Irving.

The following report was compiled using information gathered directly from Antifa websites claiming responsibility for the attacks against David Irving and his guests.

(One Peoples Project)

November 13 2009
Unknown members of Antifa hacked the personal website of David Irving, destroying files, emails and using his own site to re-post and distribute numerous correspondences and private information on guest who used his site to register for his latest speaking engagements. The information included the full names, home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses along with banking information and the private locations for Irving's lectures.

The following message was left by the hackers themselves:

Hitler-loving Holocaust-denying David Irving's
speaking tour is being attacked on the streets
and on the internet as he makes his way to speak
on Saturday in New York City. We have released
private email communications, phone numbers and
addresses of Irving as well as destroy all files,
backups, emails, and databases on his website and We also released
personal information on people who have attended
the speaking tour, made book purchases, or online
donations as a warning to those who would support
people like David Irving.

We did this to expose this Nazi-sympathizer for who
he is and to shut down/disrupt any possibility of
Irving rearing his fascist head in public during
his tour. To David Irving and all aspiring white
power, anti-immigrant, queer-bashing, racist pigs,
give it up! We will fight you on the streets and on
the internet until you are swept into the dustbin
of history.

November 13th 2009

Wayne, New Jersey Residents Against David Irving (RADI), the latest front group propped up by New Jersey Antifa to gather support from local residents who would otherwise want nothing to do with them, were duped into launching a phone jam against the American Legion Hall Post 175 in Wayne, NJ, a faux venue location obtained from Daivd Irving himself. RADI is believed to be the work of Greg Pason, National Secretary for the Socialist Party USA, and his wife Andrea Pason, who just so happens to be the Female Chair of the Socialist Party USA's National Committee. Greg Pason and Andrea Pason are also in part responsible for the NJ front group Residents Against Racism:
Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Andrea Pason & Greg Pason

November 13th 2009
Pompton Plains, New Jersey

After being duped into harassing a bogus venue, members of Antifa finally located the actual venue for Irving's lecture that night at the Best Western Regency House and Suites in Pompton Plains, NJ. Despite accounts of Antifa standing outside of the hotel and chanting in front of the window to the conference room where the lecture was taking place, there really isn't much worth mentioning here. Although several reports confirming the presence of Jarad Schultz and Tom Keenan among NJ Antifa have been brought to our attention.
*Notice Police in plain view of Antifa: Click on the photo to view larger image

The folloing is a video of NJ Antifa chanting outside of David Irving's confrence room:

November 14th 2009
New York, New York
Originally scheduled to meet outside of the leftist/anarchist collective ABC NO RIO that was hosting a punk show that night, members of NYC/NJ Antifa, or whatever name they chose to use for the night, eventually located the meeting point for Irving's scheduled lecture in NYC. Despite a police presence, roughly 30 masked Anti-fascists entered the Doubletree Guest Suites in Times Square-New York City where they attempted to break into the conference room hosting Irving's lecture. After having the doors shut & locked in their faces they quickly focused their efforts on two of Irving's guests that were trapped in the hallway and proceeded to attack them with mace.

The following was reported on the One Peoples Project website as part of the article: RUNNING UP THAT HILL (AND OUT OF THIS TOWN): NYC HUMILIATES DAVID IRVING

Admittedly, we were a little late to the dance, but once we were alerted to the whereabouts of Irving's talk, hilariously booked at the Times Square Doubletree Hotel as "The Real History Conference," we activated our network of shadowy agents. A little reconnaissance goes a long way, and we quickly found the best route onto the sixth floor of the hotel. Once there, thirty pissed off anti-fascists rushed the door. Of course Irving and his protectors quickly closed and dead-bolted themselves inside, stranding both his personal assistant, Jaenelle Antas, as well as self-described "next Hitler" Alex Carmichael. For those not familiar with Carmichael, he is a New Jersey neo-Nazi leader, head of League of American Patriots. Only one night before, when he and two other of his "master race" were in the men's room with a single anti-fascist, he called the cops instead of confronting the lone antifa. What a bastion of Aryan courage. From what we understand, Antas and Carmichael their food spicy, and relished the pepper spray they found in their mouths (do Nazi's eyes have taste buds, because some of it apparently got in there as well).

An empty hallway makes for great acoustics, and our chanting crowd clearly rattled not only the doors and walls, but also the attendees inside. At the behest of the stranded Nazis, hotel security rushed in and tried to physically remove us from the area. Naturally, we protected ourselves and each other, finding our way down the stairs and out the fire exit onto Broadway. As we exited, chaos prevailed. There were tourists and cops and waiting comrades and hotel security and a lone bald neo-Nazi, all trying to make out what was going on in the middle of Times Square. This provided the perfect opportunity to make nearby pedestrians aware of the vile and pathetic meeting that was happening in the heart of NYC. Hotel security tried to get slick and point a few of us out to the cops, but this wasn't our first trip to the rodeo. We have eyes in the backs of our heads, even if they aren't directly connected. Those targeted made a quick escape and those who could made their way back inside to further disrupt Irving's lecture.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Spanish Patriot Imprisoned for Defending Himself Against Antifa Mob

The case of Spanish Patriot Josue is not unusual in the sense that government & judicial agencies in step with the media, and Antifa, have once again used the target of an attack by Anti-fascists as a scapegoat for the clearly defined and intended actions of Antifa: to disrupt, injure or kill anyone them deem fascist. Here in America and abroad the case has remained very much the same when assaults are carried out by anti-racist/anti-fascist groups against their intended targets:

When consequences occur, Antifa immediately blames those responsible for holding them accountable for their own actions. The police become tools of the "racist/fascist" police state for holding them to the rule of law and denying them special privileges; i.e condoning their actions based upon their targets political affiliations. And when these intended targets strike back in self defense, Antifa immediately reverts to victim status, claiming to be yet another victim of racist/fascist violence and calls for immediate action which is generally echoed by the Media and various government/judicial agencies.

At the moment we are not aware of the current status regarding this incident and would appreciate any updates that are available. The following report is a Spanish to English translation taken directly from the Freedom for Josue blogspot:

On November the 11th 2007 a despicable extreme left-wing crowd entered the Legazpi tube station platform, in Madrid. They had clear intentions: to assault everyone suspicious of being “Spanish patriots” since at the same time, not far from there, it was held a meeting organized by a nationalist Spanish party allowed and legalized by the Government Sub-delegate’s Office. The members of the extreme left-wing and antifascist group only had in mind to storm the said meeting and attack the more people the better. Those were their intentions.
While this crowd took up the tube platforms heading to start violent riots, into one of the coaches it was Josue, a young man whose look could be taken as a provocation by the violent extreme left-wingers. Josue noticed immediately the serious risk for his life (a platform full of extreme left-wingers and antifascists looking for a victim). He was alone and outside the coach there were more than 50 people. He resolved to protect his life.

The doors opened and the coach was getting full of this despicable crowd. These misfits immediately detected Josue and were ready to attack and lynch him (in a tube CCTV video widespread by mass media you can see, on second 39, one of the extreme left-wingers located in front of the door drawing a brass knuckle; the rest were just laughing and looking daggers at him due to his look). Josue, in spite of he was ready to protect his life, tried to leave the place when all the extreme left-wing group got into the coach. But one of them, Carlos Javier Palomino, blocked the exit door with his arm and started to ask about Josue’s clothes.

Many of us know what’s happen next; many people know they’re not going to discuss about the International Socialism virtues or the nationalization of the banks. No. Many of us know the next step is a huge beating, a brass knuckle beating your jaw or your ribs and even a stab. That’s the truth. And Josue resolved he was not going to let them lead him to the hospital and go into a coma; Josue decided he was not going to be another victim, just like Eduardo Garcia Gelber, killed some years ago in Barcelona by an extreme left-wing group under similar circumstances. No, Josue resolved to protect his life.

It doesn’t matter if Josue was into a certain kind of ideology or not. If he liked football or bullfighting. Josue was quietly travelling by tube, ALONE. And he was harassed by 50 enraged antifascists who had only one motivation that morning: to face “fascism” violently.
Please, spread the truth of this case. Don’t let the information manipulation, the mass media trial Josue is facing and the hypocrisy displayed by Madrid extreme left-wing has no coverage among your acquaintances (relatives, friends, workmates…). They are playing with the life of a man who simply did what a good person would have done in his place: DEFEND HIS LIFE.

You can send your letters to:
Josue Estebanez of Daughter
Centro penitenciario de Madrid II. Madrid II prison.
Módulo 2 Module 2
Carretera Alcalá-Meco, Km. 5 Carretera Alcala-Meco, Km 5
CP 28870 Alcalá de Henares. CP 28870 Alcalá de Henares. Madrid Madrid

For any questions relating to the case contact

Related websites

Related articles
Carols Javier Palomino: Ayoung model?

Below is actual surveillance footage taken during the incident:

Friday, June 19, 2009


Originally by Jim Goad for VICE Magazine (Vol. 11 Number 10: The Hate Issue/2004)
(*In no way shape or form is the author of this article affiliated with us, our anything else for that matter.)

Blood pours from my nose as I stand on a downtown Portland street corner, arguing with antiracist skinheads about grammar.

"Why the FUCK did you have to hit me?" I implore the half-dozen halfwits half my age who surround me. "If you had a problem with me, why couldn't you TALK about it? Fuck, I'll spot any one of you 40 IQ points and still outargue you!"

"Dumbass—‘outargue' isn't a word," one of them smirks.

"It's in the DICTIONARY! It's one word! It's not even a HYPHENATE!" I scream.

I wipe my face. Both my palms are covered in my own blood. One of the muttonchopped Brit clones had sucker-punched me while I was in a nondefensive position.

I had been standing outside a nightclub's pizza window with my severely Jewish-looking Jew girlfriend when I first espied the six skins and a pair of skinettes eyeballing my Iron Cross necklace.

I identified them as the Rose City Bomber Boys, a rootin', tootin', pathologically antiracist skinhead crew who boast one Vietnamese member to deflect attention from the fact that the rest of them are the color of Ivory soap. They claim to no longer be affiliated with the Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice movement, yet I've never heard of them bum-rushing anyone for reasons other than nigger-hating or telling Jew jokes.

"What's with the Iron Cross?" one of the white boys had finally grilled me.

"It's a white thing," I said sarcastically. "Why don't you punch me for it?"

"That's fucked-up," he grunted.

"Yeah, man—you can make a name for yourself. My name is Jim Goad, and if you hit me, it'll be in every paper in the city."

"I'd like to be the guy who beats Jim Goad up," he said a microsecond before smashing my nose with his right fist.

As the blood started flowing, I looked down the street and saw a cop car about two blocks away. Unlike any of these young rebel skinheads, I'd been to prison and was on parole.

"What the fuck is your problem, anyway?" I ask as they swarm around me. "You all hate yourselves for being white?"

"I'm not white," one of the white boys says.

"Bitch, if you went to prison, I'll bet the brothers would think you're white."

My big-schnozzed girlfriend is screaming that she's Jewish and I'm not a Nazi and what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck?!?—a dozen years prior, she was the one who dropped a dime to the FBI, ratting out the Nazi skins who'd beaten an Ethiopian man to death with baseball bats—a crime from which lily-white Portland, the most Caucasian metro area in the USA, still feels the need to "heal" itself. In essence, she'd done more for the SHARP cause then they could ever do.

Still surrounded by a half-dozen short-haired mosquitoes, I now see clearly that my only option is to fight. I crack my assailant with an Earnie Shavers-style left hook, staggering him. I land three or four clean punches to his head, while all he can do is tear at my T-shirt like a bitch.

A cop car pulls up and we all scatter. All except the two skinettes, who lie to the police that it started when some assholes were shouting racist things.

I felt super-macho for days. A golfball-size lump formed on my left-hand middle finger, where I'd slammed his head.

"Goddamn, let me think twice before messing with you!" the club's security guard later laughed. "I've NEVER seen a left hook like that! You left a dent in that boy's head!"

Yes, sir. And I didn't feel guilty about it. I was furious. For all my alleged fascism, I'd NEVER harassed anyone based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or fashion choices. It was a simple fucking IRON CROSS. And even if I'd been wearing a goddamned Flavor Flav swastika clock hanging down to my balls, it was NOBODY'S business to try and bully me about it.

A few days later, I see a wheelchair-bound black homeless man who'd witnessed the fight. "Why were those Nazis bothering you?" he asks me.

"They aren't Nazis," I tell him. "They thought I was a Nazi."

He's confused. As am I. As is the rest of the world.

I first heard of Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice in the early 90s. Defining themselves as the antidote to Nazi skins, they claim to be the "true" skinheads, reclaiming a tradition the racists had perverted. They operate from the assumption that it is possible—righteous, even—to beat someone into embracing racial tolerance. The SHARPies argue that you can't argue with Nazis—that Nazis only understand violence—and they have been proactive in routing white-power elements from the nearly all-white punk-rock scene.

But despite their name, you won't find SHARPs attacking members of the Nation of Islam, who clearly preach racial prejudice. No, their beef is entirely with white people—or, for the ones who believe race is only an ideological construct, with the IDEA of whiteness. Only whites can be racist, goes their thinking, so only whites deserve to have their noses broken for it—by other whites, of course, who aren't being patronizing to black people or Jews at all by acting as their surrogate Defense League.

The SHARPs believe it's horrible to harass people for their skin color but MANDATORY to bully them over their alleged beliefs. A terrible thing to exterminate racial "scum" but a sacred duty to wipe out ideological "scum." Their antifascist rhetoric is amusingly fascistic. SMASH the Nazis with the Fist of Solidarity! LYNCH the racist scum! Don't let the sun set on you in THIS town, Nazi!

In Portland—once known as skinhead capital of the U.S.—SHARPs staged several strategic battles with racist skin gangs such as East Side White Pride. In 1993, Eric Banks, singer for white-power band Bound for Glory, was shot dead on the P-town streets by SHARP associates.

Banks's murder didn't get nearly as much publicity as the Nazis' baseball-bat bludgeoning of the Ethiopian, because as we all know, human lives are NOT equal, and the life of a white, male American Nazi is CLEARLY not worth as much as an Ethiopian immigrant's. We all know this to be a fact, so let's not even GO there.

In Portland, the antiracist skins were perhaps a little TOO successful in their mission. I moved here in '94. Ten years later, to my touristy disappointment, I've yet to see a single Nazi skinhead anywhere in town.

And because there are no real Nazis left, the SHARPs had to broadly expand their definition of what constitutes a Nazi in order to justify their existence.

Greasers, since they embraced a style from the segregation era, became prime targets for lopsided SHARPie beatdowns. So did skateboarders who wore the Independent logo with its evil Iron Cross. Really, anyone who made eye contact with them and didn't cower—or whatever intrepid soul dared question their thuggish Stalinist tactics—became an automatic Nazi worthy of a pummeling.

I've heard one story after the next of the Rose City boys smashing pint glasses in faces, holding a knife to a girl's throat, kicking a kid in the face when he was already down, and beating the brains out of a skinny German teen because he wasn't ashamed of being German.

And despite all the violence, and regardless of their loudly barked anticop stance, what's queer is that they hardly ever get arrested. Some have murmured that they must have friends in high places, sympathetic string pullers willing to allow just about any act of antiracist hooliganism so long as Portland's streets are kept Nazi-free.

See, it's like this—although they pose as street warriors bravely fighting a racist society, the truth is that SHARPs operate with society's overwhelming sympathy—all the news outlets, all the courts, all but a paltry handful of psychopathic racist nutjobs are APPALLED by Nazis to the point where they believe murder is too good for 'em.

In 2004, you risk very little by saying you hate Nazis. It's such a popular stance, it borders on cowardly.

The bottom line is that SHARPs enjoy the homoerotic rush of boys bonding together through crisp uniforms and manly blood oaths, of sublimating their Rosicrucian cumlust through the orgiastic ritual of joining together and attacking another male's body.

Nothing wrong with that, really.

What's despicable is that they just can't come out and admit it. Instead, they hide behind the risk-free shield of anti-racism, the last refuge of scoundrels.

A few days after my initial run-in with the anti-Nazis—also, ironically, a few days after a white-power website accused me of being a Jew lover and a race traitor—a representative of the Rose City skins meets with me and explains that his gang has no beef with me—it was merely a personal thing between me and the sucker-puncher, who had read my work and decided I was a "sick" individual who needed to be killed. Sucker-punch boy had told his homies I'd written about how I enjoyed "beating the Jew" out of my wife.

"That's ludicrous!" I say, resentful that I even have to explain myself. "I'll give you my books—you can see for yourself. I've never written anything remotely like that. My book The Redneck Manifesto is the most nonracist book in the world—it argues that class, not race, is what's important."

"I don't want to read your stuff," he says, almost wary that it might rub off on him. "All you had to do was take off that Iron Cross, and everything would have been OK."

"But that's just the point—nobody appointed you the police. Fuck, you guys dress all British, and that's the most racist nation in history! It wasn't the Americans who enslaved Africa and colonized India and China. And while we're on the topic, I'm Irish, and frankly, I'm a little offended by your UK fetish. But the difference between me and you is that I don't dictate what you should wear. So who's the real asshole here? Who's the real fascist? Again, if any of you have a problem with me, I'm always available for a debate. I love to argue ideas."

"Some things are NOT open for debate," he says ominously. "WE were the ones who put the shackles on the black man's ankles, and WE were the ones who brought them here."

I don't know how old this cat was, but I sure as fuck wasn't alive when all that shit went down. And I'm not going to swallow a guilt trip for crimes I didn't commit. Guess that makes me an automatic Nazi, huh?

Nearly a year later, I'm invited to a friend's bar to introduce another friend's band when nine or so Rose City boys show up and begin vibing the room. A couple of them bump into me on purpose.

Normally neurotic and skittish, but a fearless lion in the face of danger, I walk straight up to them and ask what's up.

"You're a piece of shit," says their leader, a balding, short-but-thick man in his 30s. He claims to be Jewish and wears a Star of David necklace which—surprisingly, since I'm supposed to be a Nazi—I don't demand that he remove.

"Oh, I'm a piece of shit?" I say. "So, I'm scum? So, I'm worthless? So, I need to be exterminated? Funny, that's how Nazis used to look at Jews."

"You're a sad man," he says, getting nose-to-nose.

"Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad."

"I know who I am," he announces with dumb pride.

"I know who I am, too," I counter, "and I don't need to be surrounded by nine guys to prove it."

"You're a nobody," he tells me, his uncomprehending, beady eyes flaring with anger.

"I'm known around the world," I say. "You're only known by your road dogs and maybe a dozen other people in this town."

"You can't even argue with me on a logistical level," he proclaims.

"You're a moron and can't even use words properly," I tell him.

Unable to argue, he head-butts me. But it doesn't hurt. It doesn't even break the skin. I have the hardest head on earth.

I'm still on parole. I'm not going to fight nine guys. I'm not going back to prison over some clowns who can't even articulate why they hate me.

The Armenian bar owner asks Jewskin why he head-butted me.

"He doesn't like black people," the Jewskin lies.

"Well, I'm a sand nigger," says the bar owner. "Are you going to hit me, too?"

Yes. The bar erupts into a brawl. I leave before the cops arrive.

The Portland police consider the Rose City skins to be Oregon's second-largest gang. Their "logistical" leader is suspected by police to be the primary shooter in one homicide and an accomplice in several attempted homicides. In 1992, he beat a 16-year-old alleged Nazi kid into a coma, causing permanent brain damage (in the kid—not sure what caused the assailant's obvious brain damage).

A few months later, I see fat, bald Jewskin and two of his henchmen outside another downtown Portland club. A manic-depressive, black cowboy date-rapist had tipped them off to my presence there. When I spot the Jewskin, I tell my friends to go inside.

"Hey, Goad, you don't like me and I don't like you," he says, walking up to me.

"Yeah, that about sums it up."

He sucker-punches me. A clean shot to the temple. I've been hit a lot harder. He has a rep as a badass, but maybe he's losing his touch.

"You know I'm on parole and I'm not going to risk fighting on the streets again," I tell him. "But I will fight you in a boxing ring—just as long as I get to debate you first and prove to the world what a MORON you are."

"I'm not too good on the lyrical skills," he says, admitting that perhaps he's stupid, "but let's go around the corner and I'll show you what I got."

"Again—I'm not going to get busted because of you. For some weird reason, the cops don't arrest you guys. But I'll fight you in a boxing ring as long as I get to fight you with words first."

And that's when I saw a familiar look in his eyes.


Blind, dumb, animal hatred. The hatred of fools. The hatred of subhumans.

You can't fight hatred with more hatred. And you can't fight Nazis by acting like a Nazi. It just turns the whole world into Nazis.

I'm off parole now, so the game has changed. I'm not nearly as hesitant to defend myself should the need arise.

I've been beat up dozens of times. No big deal. But if you beat me up, what does that prove? That might is right? That's a Nazi idea, G.

My politics? I'm a Goad Supremacist. I've had my ass kicked, but I've never lost an argument. So if you're fighting over ideas—if you're really something more than dumb thugs—why can't you act like men and DISCUSS those ideas? Send me your brightest mind—your sharpest SHARP—and watch me turn him into a monkey. I don't hate Jews or blacks, but I hate hypocrites. I hate people who hide behind a "good" cause to do their dirty work.

I want to know what we're fighting for. If it's free speech, then I'll fight. If it's the right to think and wear whatever I want, then I'll fight for that, too. I just won't fight for Hitler. My new Jewish girlfriend wouldn't approve.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Philadelphia's "Love Park 4" Begging for Help....

On July 23, 2007 members of the Philadelphia "Anti-Racist Action" along with Federal and local Law Enforcement officers found themselves entangled in a rather interesting situation unfolding right in the middle of Philadelphia's famed love park. Under the suspicion that a mysterious KKK rally was afoot and scheduled to take place in Love Park that afternoon, both groups found themselves crossing paths in a not so brotherly way.

Tom Keenan, Jason Robbins and Jarad Schultz along with known associate and member of the Progressive Labor Party, James McGovern, were arrested after smashing out the windows of a black Ford explorer they believed to be the vehicle of two alleged Ku Klux Klan members. After witnessing two undercover Philadelphia Police officers enter the vehicle, whom, according to court testimony by Lt. John McConnell of the District Attorney's Narcotics Division, were assigned to monitor the events attendance as part of an on going investigation into the Keystone State Skinheads, the four "activists" encircled the vehicle and began kicking it and smashed out one of it's windows in typical Antifa fashion. (Click here for related news article)

Unfortunately for these laughable self proclaimed militants now claiming they were targeted by the police and somehow entrapped into attacking an automobile, the vehicle was also occupied by Police Detective Sean Brennan and FBI Special Agent Stephen Powell who had
been monitoring the situation from a distance and retrieved the undercover officers after members of the ARA had confronted them in the park and followed them as they attempted to flee the scene.
Jason Robbins (R) with his girlfriend (L)

Jared Schultz (L) Tom Kennan (R)

Now, aside from the typical retreat
Antifa makes away from their "militant anti-fascist" fantasy bit right into their phony mild manor, victimized "activist" routine whenever they're held accountable for their actions; what really makes this case worth noting is how it all started.

On one hand we have the Police & FBI giving conflicting accounts about the actual origins of this rally, only agreeing on one thing: their presence there being the direct result of orders handed down to record anyone from the Keystone State Skinheads in attendance. And then on the other hand we have the ARA out chasing their own shadows and attacking parked cars based on some rumor about a KKK rally. But the question is, how did the FBI and the ARA end up with the same exact information when the police can't come up with a viable answer and the ARA hasn't said a word about this....

Sounds like their both on a wild goose chase.

Love Park 4 Update: Court and Financial Assistance Needed
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The Love Park 4 case is still slowly winding its way through the court system after almost 2 years. Since the defendants' successful court date in December, the State has decided to appeal the judge's order to reveal the identity of the undercover narcotics officers posing as neo-Nazis in Love Park on July 23, 2007.

On Tuesday May 12th, Judge Frank Palumbo will hear the State's appeal. It has taken four court appearances since December to get to this point, but defense attorneys Paul Hetznecker and Larry Krasner will finally have the opportunity to show Judge Palumbo exactly why Judge Marsha Neifield found in favor of the Love Park 4 defendants; and why her decision should stand. The Love Park 4 defendants and their lawyers are confident that the State's appeal will be defeated; and that the case will finally be scheduled for trial.

The Love Park 4 Defense Committee and Anti-Racist Action are encouraging friends, family, and fellow activists to pack the courtroom on May 12th to show their support and solidarity for the defendants. This will be a good opportunity to show the State and the judge that Jason, Jared and Tom have a large amount of support; and to send a clear message that State-sponsored harassment of political activists will not go unchallenged.

While they appreciate courtroom solidarity, Jason, Tom and Jared want to stress that they understand that with work and school, it is hard to get a day off and have expressed that they would prefer the largest turnout at their actual trial date. So for those people who can't get that many days off, please save your time off for future court dates. If you don't have work or school on Tuesday - or can easily take off -
please come to court to support these dedicated anti-fascist activists.

Aside from attending this court date, there are other ways you can help. Because of the State's decision to appeal, additional costs have been incurred. Defense lawyers have had to pay for the court transcripts from December's motion hearing so that they could
successfully prepare for the upcoming appeal hearing. The copy of the transcript cost $375, which Jason, Jared and Tom need to repay to their lawyers. Thanks to the solidarity shown by Anti-Racist Action and Hit the Bricks Distro, $165 has already been raised, leaving the defendants in need of $210. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated and very helpful. Please contact us for information on how
to donate.

For those people who can come to court on May 12th, the hearing is scheduled to start at 9:00AM at the Criminal Justice Center, 1301 Filbert Street, Philadelphia - Room 504.

We are asking that everyone who comes to court please dress in an appropriate manner, and behave professionally. Coming to court will help show the judge and district attorney just how much support the Love Park 4 has - but anything negative will only hurt their case. Please keep that in mind when you are planning to attend.

In Solidarity with ALL Political Prisoners,
The Love Park 4 Defense Committee

Background on the Love Park 4

On July 23rd 2007, four Philadelphia-area anti-racist activists were
arrested on multiple trumped up charges stemming from a
counter-demonstration against a Ku Klux Klan rally that was scheduled
to take place in Center City that morning.

Two men wearing neo-Nazi t-shirts were verbally confronted by
anti-racists and forced to leave. The men then boarded a waiting SUV,
at which time another verbal confrontation ensued, at the end of which
one of the SUV's windows was damaged. Police personnel waited until
this point to break their cover and identify themselves - the driver
of the SUV was a Philadelphia Police Detective attached to an FBI
Joint Terrorism Task Force while the passenger and owner of the
vehicle was an FBI special agent.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Brief History of the Anti-Communist Punk Movement

It's commonly heard and far too easy for today's so-called “scene” to scornfully claim that racialist punks are some kind of new and undesirable bizarre occurrence, considering how whitewashed and biased the history of punk has been thus far. However, the truth, as you will learn, proves to be quite contrary.

The history of the racialist punk movement can arguably be traced back to as early as 1977, with t
he birth of the punk subculture in England. However, the first verifiable evidence of the racialist punk movement was a youth division of the British National Front that formed in 1978 called the "Punk Front”. It started off as a mere political and music related ‘zine, but due to its rapid success it quickly turned into a organized group and wave of bands with a considerably significant following, particularly in Leeds, England.

The bands who partook in this movement included: The Dentists, Homicide, The Ventz and The Raw Boys. These ‘Punk Front’ bands played the first Rock Against Communism shows the National Front organized, which took place in 1979. Shortly after those early RAC concerts, the Punk Front had disbanded for various reasons (which included the incarceration of several members of the group).

By the early 1980s the National Front started to look towards the skinhead subculture to carry on the youth underground-based movement it had started since the punk scene had unfortunately began to get highly infiltrated by Marxists and various other politically correct followers. Despite the fact that skinheads had become the forerunners of the racialist music movement, there were still many punks to be found throughout E
urope who still freely associated and contributed to the White Nationalist movement, even though they were in the minority.

In the United States the 1980s saw a large emergence of racial punk crews nationwide, as well as a number of bands. Areas like New York City and Los Angeles were home to some of the largest amounts of racialist punks in the country. They could be found at nearly every show and in various places they were even the majority of the local scenes. It wasn't until the later part of the decade that politically correct/anti-racist “punks" (with aid from SHARPs) started to blacklist Nationalistic beliefs within the scene and thus the numbers of openly racialist punks unfortunately started to steadily decline.

This gradual reduction in the amount of racialist punks internationally carried on throughout the ‘90s and the increase of multiracial and fashion-orientated people within the subculture quickly skyrocketed.

Today we're in the midst of seeing of large reemergence of the racialist punk movement. Bands, crew
s and individuals are being seen all over the world taking part in this massive revival. This can mainly be attributed to the dissatisfaction of many individuals in the scene today who are just overwhelmingly tired of the irrationally politically correct direction the scene has continued to take. Therefore, we may see the racialist punk movement at the largest point it has ever been in within only a few years.

Anti-Communist Punk Bands on Myspace:

Midgards Soner

Forward Area

Rotte Charlotte

Chaotic Pigss

The Jinx

Rusty Nailbomb

Kontejner 2368

A.B.H. formed in 1981 in Lowestoft, England. The first few years in the bands career they remained neutral on the issue of politics and race, although they did acquire a large following among young National Front members (as many apolitical Punk & Oi! bands in England did at the time). However, in 1983 they finally decided to openly display their political beleifs by recording a song which was to be featured on White Noise Records “This Is White Noise” EP along side the White Power bands: Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, and The Diehards.

It can be argued by some that A.B.H. wasn’t necessarily “National Socialis
t” politically speaking, but it would be foolish to try to claim that they weren’t White Nationalists. Partaking in a National Front EP alone is proof enough, let alone their song Nerves of Steel, which is clearly a British White Nationalist song.

They released a few EPs and appeared on various Punk & Oi! compilation records during their duration. They broke-up shortly following the release of the “This Is White Noise” EP.
Nerves of Steel (from This Is White Noise)

“I look around, what do we see?
A nation once proud & free

Nowadays a yankee state, unable to decide your own fate

We are here for our nation

Victory or damnation

It don’t matter how we win

Even murder is no sin

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Coca Cola
The yanks are coming, they’re taking over

Reagan’s hands around our neck, it’s our nation he wants to wreck

It doesn’t matter which way you turn

There’s always someone trying to pull you down
A student bastard, a communist

Trendy liberal or multiculturalists”