Wednesday, November 26, 2008

AAF (USA) Taking Action With Your Help!

That's right, and if you are reading this then it pertains to you. Anti-Antifa is more then just an idea or a myspace page. We are more then just another temporary entity existing solely on the internet or in someone's basement, something that many of us are all too familiar with.

We are an autonomous network of anti-Marxist/Communist, Globalist, Zionist, and Feminist working together to monitor, expose and undermine the hypocritical tactics of any individual or organization that hides behind the mask of Anti-Racism or Civil Rights to push their corrupt agendas.

For far too many years we have allowed various "anti-racist" street gangs and organizations to operate openly and virtually unopposed on every level. We have left ourselves, friends, family and associates exposed to the tactics that Antifa and their high level counter parts such as the ADL & SPLC have perfected over time.

There have been numerous instances over the years where members of such groups known as SHARP, RASH and the ARA have been physically confronted, and removed, by various individuals with little to no avail.

We feel that confrontation alone has failed to crush Antifa activities and has only suppressed them temporarily, while deterring only a very small percentage of their less dedicated "activists."

We however, intend to undermine, expose and eliminate their existence and their high levels of support through direct public exposure to the true nature behind their agendas, as this is the only way to deter, cripple, and render them useless. But in order to do this effectively and efficiently; we need your help.

We are not seeking finical assistance nor are we interested in acquiring an actual membership that can be infiltrated and destroyed, or pushing a specific political agenda.

We are an autonomous network and we are looking for individuals capable of networking, gathering, and distributing information. TAKING ACTION!!!

This is not something that should be leftover for somebody else to take care of. It is something that all of us can and must contribute to because it demands all of our attention, no matter how big or how small.

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