Friday, November 28, 2008

Chicago Antifa Disrupt local Black Metal/Power Electronics Show

Chicago Antifa member Robert "Sprite" Boyle

Recently Chicago area Antifa disrupted a joint N.S.B.M. and Power Electronics show by once again threatening the venue before the event takes place. As of now the show is still going on and has been moved to another location. For the sake of objectiveness I will however state that there is nothing ambiguous about the views of the Power Electronics project involved with this show, Genocide Lolita. Antifa at least this time didn't just go after apolitical but ethnocentric acts, they went after someone with extreme racial and political views.

A fellow who involved with the show told me this-

"We had a show at a Lithuanian hall, real nice place. Elegent. The way these ideas should be displayed and presented. Anyway, the show was very tight lip and for the most part word of mouth aside from very few internet postings. Well...those few internet postings were what brought the show temporarily down. Since few people were aware of the show it is easy to trace back what could have gone wrong. A moderator on a Pagan Front board foolishly posted the flyer to the show on their main page of their site and since those Antifa fools really have nothing better to do than watch these types of sites like nobodies business they found out about the show and the shows location. They called the venue and threatened them, telling them just what kind of show was going to go down and said that if they didn't cancel the show that they would bomb them. The venue got their lawyer involved and of course the venue concerned with their own safety and the safety of the venue's ultimately decided to cancel the show and called 'Genocide Lolita' a "terrorist organization". Sure my friend could sue the place but honestly it'd just be a waste of everyone's time. My friend is currently in the process of getting his money back he put down to secure the venue. The show will continue to go on on December 6th as planned, the only difference is the location won't be as nice."

This was said by Genocide Lolita in regards to the show-

"The Antifa have flooded the venue that the Genocide Lolita show was booked at with bomb threats and the lawyer of the venue has sent the show organizers a nice little letter claiming that the show has been canceled as Genocide Lolita is a terrorist group or some such truth so the show will be played else where."

Reputedly one of the Antifa involved is well known fellow named Robert "Sprite" Boyle. Sprite was a lefty punk rock guy who got into the industrial scene and tries to import/impose typical leftist punk values on to that scene by attacking its racially minded noise and neo-folk fringes.
Sprite is one of the main anarchists behind ruining the Death In June-Der Blutharsch-Changes show in 2005. That fiasco is well documented on line.

He usually wears glasses and has long green dread locks. For a living he wrote for the now defunct role-playing game company Fanpro who puts out the fairly popular role-playing game shadowrun. Shadowrun was developed and published by FASA Corporation from 1989 until early 2001, when FASA closed its doors and the property was transferred to WizKids (a company founded by people from FASA). WizKids licenses the RPG rights, originally to FanPro (who were already publishing for the German version), and currently to Catalyst Game Labs (a publishing imprint of InMediaRes). WizKids itself produced an unsuccessful collectible action figure game based on the property called Shadowrun Duels. It's quite possible that he's now working for Wizkids.

Sprite is the head line developer for this game. I know for certain that the companies he works for know what he's about because people have contacted them about it in the past and obviously he still works for them. He was once very secretive in the gaming world about his politics but by various websites it's clear he isn't anymore.

So at this point given Sprite's history I say go into gaming shops and bring immediate attention to copies of Shadowrun and other games that he writes for. This link here goes into his current work in the RPG industry and lists all the books he's worked on-

As a gamer myself I know that the pencil and paper RPG industry is a very precarious one. It would not take much to sabotage this guys efforts if we took a collective cross country stab at it. He keeps getting into other peoples business, and its time we return the favor. There has been much discussion over the idea of damaging his books then calling up stores and telling them that if they keep ordering shadowrun books that they'll keep being sabotaged. Gaming and comic shops also are barely hanging on and can't afford to loose much. It should be noted that in his blog here he mentions aiming to use a new game he's working on to spread anarchist ideas-

Keep in mind that this guy is big on technological subversion, hacking, etc. so people frequently who use credit cards, frequently buy things on line, etc. should not directly approach him. Unlike most Antifa this is not a naive young punk rocker who thinks he's doing the right thing and means well. This guy Sprite has been around for a long time and is in it for the long haul.

An interview with this Sprite guy-

Other links-


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They do need to be held accountable for their actions and confronted but actually removing them will only be like putting a band aid on a gunshot wound. There will be many more to replace them which is why they need to know that the sword cut's both ways. We will be there, right behind them, from here on out.

You can do a lot more then complain; dedicate the necessary amount of time to the necessary actions that we have begun through AAF.

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