Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Philadelphia/New Jersey ARA

Meet Jared Schultz , one of the more visible and active members of the Philly/NJ ARA. He's also one of four ARA members dubbed the "Love Park 4" for their arrest and involvement in the 7/23/07 attack on Law Enforcement officers in Philadelphia, PA. (More to come on the Love Park 4)

Jared Schultz pictured above with his girlfriend Cindi

Jared Schultz arrested during a protest in New Jersey

Next up is Tom Keenan, another actively visible member of the ARA and close friend of Jared Schultz. He is also a member of the "Love Park 4" and can be found in the Philadelphia and North Jersey area from time to time. He played a large part in the harassment and shutting down of JOUAM Hall, a meeting facilitey used by the former National Alliance/Vanguard in Elmwood Park New Jersey.

Jared Schultz (L) and Tom Keenan (R)

"Andy" (on the left putting on lipstick)Tom Keenan (Center with megaphone) and Jared Schultz (Right wearing lipstick)

Jared Schultz and Tom Keenan pictured here during their 7/23/07 attack on Law Enforcement Officers in Love Park.

Tom Keenan pictured in the above three photos harassing women and elderly men outside of a church in New York City where David Irving was scheduled to speak.

Next up we have Jason Robbins, a student at the Community College of Philadelphia, writer for the Defenestrator and another member of the "Love Park 4" who was also arrested back in 12/4/05 for assaulting a Police Officer in Phoenixville, PA while harassing members of Repent America outside of their own home.

Read more about the 12/4/05 incident at:
Fight the Right: If you're going to confront fascists, says Anti-Racist Action, bring a baseball bat

Militant Homosexual Activist Charged for Assaulting Police Officer at Home of
OutFest Protester

Pa. gay activists allegedly assaulted police officer

Jason Robbins on the right with extreme leftist university professor Ward Churchill

Three of the Love Park 4:Tom Keenan, Jared Schultz and Jason Robbins pictured out front of the Criminal Justice Center in center city Philadelphia during their 12/12/07 court hearing



Anonymous said...

Goodnight, Eric Keiser. We know what you did to her. We know what your mother did to her. Now the Philadelphia police know.

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fuck you, there are far more of us than there are of you, YOU WILL NOT PASS, and this just shows how retarded u really are, i fucking hate commies too


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death to fascists

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you fucking fascists!

You never read a book about german history. It was terrible!

Never forget the murders of the 3. Reich.