Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is Anti-Antifa?

Anti-Antifa (USA) is a direct response to the consistently hostile activities of groups such as the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti-Racist Action, SHARP and the One Peoples Project.

We are an autonomous network of anti-Marxist/Communist, Globalist, Zionist, and Feminist working together to monitor, expose and undermine the hypocritical tactics of any individual or organization that hides behind the mask of Anti-Racism or Civil Rights to push their corrupt agendas.

We are opposed to any such group or individual that seeks the elimination of freedom speech or the freedom of assembly for those with opposing view points and actively seeks to suppress them through the use of violence, harassment or the use of political power and Law Enforcement.

We seek to collect and publish information on the rank & file membership of any fitting organizations or individuals determined solely by their own actions and not based upon their view points.

We intend to undermine, expose and eliminate their existence and their high levels of support through direct public exposure to the true nature behind their agendas.

If you are interested in contributing to the works of Anti-Antifa! (USA) please feel free to contact us with any type of information or photographs regarding local or well known members & supporters of the above mentioned groups.

We also encourage you to assist our actions by replicating any and all of our works online or in print by hosting your own ANTI-ANTIFA blogs, websites, zines, stickers, fliers or photo accounts as we will surly come under attack by those who actively protect our adversaries.



TGGP said...

"advice violence"?

von Akron said...

I am looking forward to seeing this blog develop!

lex talionis said...

Total support!
Looking forward to seeing the outrage on red websites when these flyers start popping up everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight, Eric Keiser. We know what you did to her. We know what your mother did to her. Now the Philadelphia police know.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, it is important to keep track of afa and other leftwing groups, know your enemy!

Best regards from Sweden.

Laurie said...

To bad you don't know us before youn insert your foot! we are are average Americans,we American tenants. get a grip...we live on the land of the free . check history before you find a reason to say we are wrong!!!
ALSO if we are moderated (read below), how unbiased is this?,how democratic?)think about it